Somewhere along the way I had to represent my roots. Well, here they are: The flag and coat of arms of the mighty nation of Trinidad & Tobago.

Flag of Trinidad & Tobago

Flag of Trinidad & Tobago


The Coat of Arms of Trinidad & Tobago

The Crossroads

Taking a deep breath, the relaxed but slightly nervous author Robin Ray pets his cat Missy and embarks on his hew adventure. He doesn’t know what awaits him in the darkness. As a matter of fact, he’s not even sure why he wants to venture forward. There must be some seed already planted in him that’s beginning to blossom into a stately literary oak. Or maybe its years and years of angst buried beneath his troubled mind that gives him no pause. For some unknown reason, he must let it all out. Yes, he knows some of it won’t be pretty. In fact, he knows some of it will be ugly. Still, he’s arrived at the crossroads, the point of no return. From this day forward his soul will be like an open book, a parchment or scroll prepared to be mounted like a pirate’s ship, drank in like a fine wine and devoured like a king’s feast. This will be his blog, the Writings of an American Author.


Merriam-Webster’s  Concise Encyclopedia defines creativity as the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form.  I’d like to exploit that ability if only to acknowledge I exist. I write, therefore, I am. Seems pretty reasonable. If my writings solve problems, or even pushes towards a new artistic form, all the better.

Here is the new blog from Seattle-based musician & author Robin Ray.

Designed specifically as an author’s site, this blog will be primarily focused on my writings. At times I may talk about the music I’ve written and recorded, but that will be secondary to my literary achievements. All of my writings have been fiction (with the odd non-fiction review on Amazon). They range from flash fiction all the way up to a full length novel. So far I’ve written about 30 short stories, six screenplays, five novellas, a handful of fairy tales and poems, and the novel “Commoner The Vagabond.” A collection of short stories and novellas will be published soon on All Things That Matter Press. It’s called “Wetland & Other Stories” and is fiction using the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest as its base. The stories run the gamut from general fiction to horror and from crime to science fiction.