Seattle is the loneliest city in the world

You know, I’m a man of simple pleasures. Some of my simpler activities are going for leisurely strolls around town, going to the movies and dining in restaurants. Ever since I got here seven years ago I’ve noticed a trend – the plethora of lonely people in this town takes the proverbial cake. Just walking past various restaurants you see people eating alone, men and women. At the movies people sit alone. They wait at the bus stops alone. They shop for groceries alone. They walk their dogs alone. They go to concerts, ride their bikes, jog and drive to work alone. I think the saddest thing anyone can see is a woman dining alone. I hadn’t noticed this in Nashville, L.A., NY, New Jersey, Providence, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota, Flagstaff or any other places I’ve been. Seems to be so common here. Very sad. At least women here feel safe about dining alone. It still seems surrealistic when I see it though, like an Ingmar Bergman film come to life.


One thought on “Seattle is the loneliest city in the world

  1. too bad some of those lonely people can’t look up and connect with other lonely people. the world would be a happier place if that could happen.

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