Used car blues

carlift_e0I have yet to buy a used car that didn’t need some fixing. I guess that’s the nature of the beast. You buy and you fix. My first car, a 1962 Mercury Comet that cost me $1, needed so much fixing I may as well had saved up and bought something new. Throughout the years, with all my cars, something needed to be done. The Kia I just bought is no exception. The windshield washer motor doesn’t spray water to the windshield. Both side view mirrors are non-operational electrically. The air bag light is on. I just got back from Les Schwab a few minutes ago. They did a free break inspection. My brakes are fine but my rotors are bent (hence the stutter when I brake) and my struts are leaking fluid. The cost to fix? $900. “Hmm, not today,” I told them. “Maybe some other time.” The car can also use a paint job. The estimate I received last week from Maaco was $790 for a good paint job to $1000 for an excellent paint job. Oy! I’m already beginning to feel the burn!


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