Discovery Park

Ever fantasized about living in the woods? Imagine sipping cold water from a flowing stream as Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin play hide and seek in a glen just a few yards away. Of course, you might have to contend with the occasional ogre or troll, but with numerous cottages and heroes all around, you’d still be safe. Discovery Park in Magnolia gives you that warm fuzzy ‘Once upon a time’ feeling the minute you step foot in it. You stroll through quietly, almost anticipating the arrival of dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel or a dragonslayer astride a white horse. It could happen.



One thought on “Discovery Park

  1. I’ve fantasized about living outside – albeit somewhere safe – ever since I can remember. Always had little hide-a-way places in the bushes when I was growing up. My escape places were way past where the other kids would play, down long winding rabbit and deer trails, inside tangled masses of twigs, leaves, tiny rills of rain run-off (which I’d sip if they seemed clean), fallen limbs, fern or bracken, wildflowers, and boulders and old wagon trails long abandoned and grown over. Somehow, my anxiety was less in these almost silent places. Your pictures bring this vividly back to mind. Many years and miles later, during a brief (thankfully) homeless period, I used my skills to locate a safely hidden spot for my tent, and was never found or captured the whole time of my residence there.

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