Homeless in Seattle

Homeless in Seattle

Beginning in 2014, employed folks will have to enroll in some form of insurance or pay a fine. Is that a correct statement? If it is, I just decided to see what insurance would cost me. I went over to the popular Covered California site (http://www.coveredca.com/) and used their estimate calculator to see how much insurance per month would set me back. At $317, that’s kinda high. Prohibitively high, as a matter of fact. At that cost, I’d be forced to get operations I didn’t need just to justify the price, like a facelift, hair transplant or getting my big toes straightened. “Hey!” someone will shout, “are you exercising? You look like a movie star.” “Nah, man,” I’d answer. “I’m on Obamacare now and just taking advantage of my forced premium.” Back in my homeless days when I had no job I used to be on Medicaid. Going back to living under the bridge is looking more and more enticing every day.


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