Seattle Wrote Interview

Yay! I’m having my first interview for Wetland on Wednesday, July 31, 6:30 pm at the Starbucks on Elliot Ave. with Norelle Done from the blog Seattle Wrote. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. It feels kinda strange promoting myself and not MOON, the band I was in. I got used to promoting them so much it became 2nd nature. To just put my own self out there is a little nerve-wracking. If I fail I only have myself to blame. I’ve also been looking for another author to do Seattle readings with, but I guess those will be one man shows as well.

Book distribution

book013As we speak, the paperback and Kindle versions of Wetland can be found on Amazon. I contacted the University Bookstore (UB) yesterday but they told me my book would have to be available at Ingram for a discount, and returnable, before they stocked their shelves with any. According to my publisher, only their best selling titles end up at Ingram. I guess it’s way too soon for Wetland. What a Catch 22, huh? UB can’t carry my books unless they sell, but my books can’t sell unless they’re being carried by UB! I do plan to hit up a few brick and mortars like Third Street Books and Elliot Bay Books in the coming weeks so I’m optimistic.

Wetland and Other Stories

Wetland Simple CoverMy publisher, All Things That Matter Press, just informed me that my book, Wetland And Other Stories, will be released next week. Kewl. When it drops I’ll break out the bubbly. I’ll probably go all out and splurge on either Moet or Veuve Cliquot. I’ll post the links for the book when I get them. I don’t know if the book will be released in paperback or hard cover. I suppose that’d depend on how well it does on the internet. I know what having a physical copy of the book would mean, though – interviews on TV and webzines, speaking engagements in bookshops and maybe even setting up a stand at a convention or neighborhood faire. Even though I’m the shy type, now is not the time for it. I’ve got to keep my chin up, hoist the mast and get ready for my close up. You know, it’s funny. When you need something everyone in the world is your friend. When you stand alone make sure your life jacket is secure.

Seattle Wordsmith

DCIM100MEDIAHave you ever wondered how much editing actually goes into a released novel or novella? Me neither, but I’ve noticed quite a few authors singing the praises of their editing team. Is the author’s original work so rife with mistakes that it needs scrutiny? I guess so. I try my best to make sure my manuscripts go out with zero spelling or grammatical errors, but as they say, to err is human. It’s a sort of relief for me, though. I spent from September, 2012 to February, 2013 writing my first novel, Commoner the Vagabond. I’ve went through it with a fine tooth comb to weeds out the mistakes. I’m sure, in the hands of a capable editor, quite a few mistakes will still be revealed. I don’t mind. It’s expected and I encourage it. It’ll make my subsequent novels, should I decide to write more, infinitely easier as I wouldn’t have to anguish over a finished product. I’m actually looking forward to writing my second novel. As of this moment I have no ideas for one and that’s because my full time job wears me out and prevents any literary aspirations that large. I guess I can start collecting ideas and maybe even plan an outline or two. At least that’s feasible.

Funniest. Meme. Ever.

i-hope-to-god-thats-batmanI had a good laugh when I saw this a few days ago. Thanks, who ever made it. It was just the bit of humor I needed in these low times.

In other news, I’m in the middle of editing the galley of my first book, Wetland and Other Stories. It’s looking good so far. I should be done by tomorrow. I don’t have a timetable for its release yet but I’m guessing it should be out in two or three months. Yay! I’ve released books before but those were on my own college company, Sound Off Press. I wish I could find those juvenile books now. They had not only short stories but also poems and illustrations. Ah. The good ol’ creative days at Iowa State.

Suicide note.

Woman__Fetal_Position_by_lostgeishaNo, mot mine’s – Daniel Somers’. On June 10, 2013, the ex-soldier, who suffered from PTSD, said goodbye and wrote a note which Gawker published. Tears welled in my eyes just reading it. I was the same age as him (30) when I, too, said sayonara. As it turned out, the 48 sleeping pills in my system only put me in a semi-coma and earned me two months in a psych hospital. Here’s the link to Somers’ note. Read it and weep.

Happy July 4th!

4th-of-july-flag-fireworks-animated-gif-heartI’ve never been one to take freedom and independence lightly. Millions of people have died fighting for these kinds of ideals. It’s definitely not lost on me. In that sense, I’d like to honor the fallen with this post. I’ve lived, I’ve struggled and have even come face to face with death. I appreciate this freedom that the people of Egypt have just ousted their president for and I celebrate the achievements mankind has accomplished.

New job

crowd 30I finally found gainful employment this week in Ballard. It’s a pretty tiring job so that means I’ll really have to fight to try to get in as much blogging time as possible. These past few days have been murder on my feet. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I apologize. In this day and age of the economy, I’d better be grateful for the job I have.