Seattle Wordsmith

DCIM100MEDIAHave you ever wondered how much editing actually goes into a released novel or novella? Me neither, but I’ve noticed quite a few authors singing the praises of their editing team. Is the author’s original work so rife with mistakes that it needs scrutiny? I guess so. I try my best to make sure my manuscripts go out with zero spelling or grammatical errors, but as they say, to err is human. It’s a sort of relief for me, though. I spent from September, 2012 to February, 2013 writing my first novel, Commoner the Vagabond. I’ve went through it with a fine tooth comb to weeds out the mistakes. I’m sure, in the hands of a capable editor, quite a few mistakes will still be revealed. I don’t mind. It’s expected and I encourage it. It’ll make my subsequent novels, should I decide to write more, infinitely easier as I wouldn’t have to anguish over a finished product. I’m actually looking forward to writing my second novel. As of this moment I have no ideas for one and that’s because my full time job wears me out and prevents any literary aspirations that large. I guess I can start collecting ideas and maybe even plan an outline or two. At least that’s feasible.


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