Ballard Food Bank

toro tomato with macaroniToday was a good day. No complaints. This is the first time I’d went to the pantry on a Saturday. The line went fairly quickly. They had a good selection of food, too. The vegetable collection was a little questionable, though. Some of the potatoes were iffy (quite a few had sprouted already), and a large number of tomatoes were squished. They only had one cabbage and one cauliflower left so I took those. I stayed away from the onions because they looked like they fell off the back of the truck and got ran over by passing cars. They did have a can of Gooseberries which I took. I’d never heard of that until now, but being the adventurer, I thought I’d give it a looksee. You can always count on the food bank for having foods I’d never heard of or tried before, like Toro Tomatsuppe mit macaroni. All in all, pretty good shopping.

The Goat in the Moat

animal-graphics-goats-304919I have this idea for a fairy tale called “The Goat in the Moat” but I haven’t written it yet because I’m out of sorts these days. Not that I give a toss, but I quit my nursing job earlier this week. It was overwhelming. I worked from 6:30 AM to sometimes 5 PM or 6 PM with no breaks – no bathroom break, no meal break, nothing. I literally hit the ground running from the morning to the evening. Eventually I was bound to burn out. Didn’t think it’d be this soon, though. Then again, gout flared up aggressively in my legs and prevented me from zipping around the nursing home like I wanted. Also, the facility was unbelievably disorganized. It was just a disaster waiting to happen and I couldn’t bear it anymore. It really made me suicidal. In more positive news, this production company in the U.K. likes one of my songs called “Make A Big Noise.” I signed a contract today for them to market and produce the song internationally. I’m not wishing on any star, but I hope they can make it happen.

Led Zeppelin 2014

ledzeppelin12_1459Robert Plant has indicated that he would tour with Led Zeppelin in 2014 since he “had nothing else to do.” Can you imagine? Seeing live the writers of “Stairway To Heaven”, “Kashmir”, “Communication Breakdown”, etc? I would probably pay $1000 to see them at Key Arena, $500 at Qwest Field only because it’s so damn large. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It could happen. Jason Bonham taking the place of his legendary father? Sign me up.

I Was Interviewed Today!

Yes, I was. It wasn’t for a job. It was for Wetland and Other Stories by Norelle Done from Seattle’s only collective authors’ blog, Seattle Wrote. And you know, how Seattle can it get? It was even held at a Starbuck’s. I’m hopeful that the interview went well. I don’t know. It’s not like I have a history of being interviewed like Lady Gaga, Eddie Vedder or Macklemore. It’ll be published in a few months so I am excited about it. In reference to what I’ve been through in the past 10/20/30 years, it was a definite achievement.