Handicapped_Accessible_sign_svgA few months ago I applied for federal disability, SSD. From what I’ve heard, their determination can take five months or more. I’m now running out of rent money. In fact I only have funds for one month left. I figured I’d apply for Medicaid through the state’s DSHS. They said I may be eligible for the ABD (Aged, Blind & Disabled) Program. I saw their psychiatrist who diagnosed me with severe clinical depression and mild anxiety. I’ve now been approved for Medicaid which makes me eligible for the state’s HEN (Housing & Essential Needs) Program. I’ll call them Monday to make an intake appointment. Hopefully they’ll come through with help for my rent & utilities and other items like toiletries. Things are starting to look up. I’m glad these social programs are in place. Can you imagine, though? Walking around with a disabling issue and not receiving treatment for it? Makes you wonder how many homeless wanderers are out there who are undiagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and a host of other neurological and psychological disorders.


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