Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving-charlie-brown-snoopyI plan to enjoy a thanksgiving day meal with my fellow food pantry denizens at Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church on 85th St. and 24th Ave. in Ballard on Thursday. Or I might get lazy and change my mind. Psychologically, I should go as I tend to isolate too much. The last time I went they were giving out new sleeping bags. I don’t need one now but I sure would love to get me some fixin’s of mac & cheese and green bean casserole. You know, I don’t even know if Our Redeemer’s is doing dinner this year. I’ll check on it tomorrow. Hopefully, they won’t let us down.

Rice and beans

arroz com feijaoBoys and girls, this entry is entitled rice and beans. Porque? Every month I try something new culinary-wise. This month my diet will consist mainly of beans and rice. At the beginning of the month I bought 50 assorted cans of beans – white beans, southern bbq pit grillin’ beans, chili beans, black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, etc. They will all be served with white rice. This month was originally going to be an exotic meats month but I didn’t feel like dragging my carcass up to the Asian market. If I do get in the mood for chicken feet or pig brains the store’s always there. In two days I have to drive down to Federal Way to meet with the Housing and Special Needs people to see if they can pay my rent. If they do, that’ll help a lot. There’s also a Popeye’s down there. I’ll get some of their rice and beans. The reason I love rice and beans is because of Popeye’s. Years ago, when I use to be starving in Hollywood, I had about $1.75 on me and went into a Popeye’s. Since I couldn’t afford any of their chicken meals, I just bought a side of rice and beans. Boy, was it delicious. I’ve been looking for that flavor ever since. The secret ingredient is hamhocks or bacon drippings.

In other news, I returned by Comcast cable box this morning. I decided to just make do with the 9 HD channels I receive over the air. It’s good enough for what I watch – the news, The Big Bang Theory and the occasional Seahawks game. I also had Comcast reduce my bandwidth. To tell you the truth, I don’t notice the difference at all.