Seattle Generosity

Feed the PoorWithout a doubt, Seattle has to be one of the most giving cities I’ve ever been in. There are churches and centers where the poor and homeless can eat a hot meal every day. The food pantry I frequent is so stocked with items that they offer you extra. “Go ahead. It’s going to waste anyway,” you’ll hear the volunteers say. Through DSHS I also belong to the Housing & Essential Needs (HEN) Program. In addition to taking care of your rent they also supply you with toiletries. L.A, by contrast, was a lousy place to be homeless. The food was an aberration. The shelters were pits of horror. The social services programs were jokes. It wasn’t so bad in Rhode Island. At least they had the Welcome Arnold shelter for people to stay in. Nashville was okay, but if you wanted help, you had to bend over backwards to religion. In Seattle, you don’t have to pray to anything to get help. They may work under the auspices of the Catholic Church but they don’t force religion down your throat like they do in Nashville. On a darker note, this winter finds me in a state of constant depression. I don’t feel like jumping off a bridge, though. I’m in limbo right now regarding Disability, but other than that, I guess I’ll be okay.


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