Seahawks Headed To The Superbowl

super-bowl-2014-7802The Seahawks, in besting the 49ers today, won a chance to face off against the Denver Broncos on February 2 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Today’s game was hard to watch. The Seahawks were behind in scoring all the way to the fourth quarter where they finally rallied and won. I shook my legs with nervousness so much I probably irritated the neighbor downstairs. I like it when the Seahawks start winning from the first quarter, that way I’m less stressed as the game unfolds. Congrats to the ‘Hawks. I wish them luck against Peyton Manning and the No. 1 offence in the land. I hope they win, too. Here, in the twilight of my life, I’m learning to accept that I’m a Seattleite. I have no plans to relocate to someplace new. This is it. I have to root for the home team and I don’t mind.

New Year’s Resolution

Michael BubleThis comes a little late but my resolution for 2014 is to have a better year than the depressing 2013. I’ve been low in life but 2013 brought me back to those old times when I’d sunk deeper than a geoduck in the sands of the Pacific Northwest. I want to hold my head up high again and shout to the world, “I’m alive and I’m worth it!” Autism is not a great gift to have. Like spring, it can really hang you up the most. My consolation? I still have my health. I can still listen to Michael Bublê whenever I want. I can even find a restaurant in Seattle that sells geoduck (Mirugai) sushi or sashimi style. Doesn’t matter. I’m still alive. I should be grateful. You know what would be nice? If they had a sushi house that sold Basashi, raw horse meat sashimi style. It’ll ruffle some feathers but it will keep me off the brink. Bon Appétit!