700,000 Fans Can’t Be Wrong

DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIAThey call them the 12th Man. They’re the ones who bring the love and the noise to Century Link field whenever the world champions Seahawks play. Today there was a parade through the streets of Seattle for the Super Bowl winning Seahawks and the 12th Man was well represented. SPD says 700,00 people showed up. Some believe it could’ve been 1 million. A testament to Seattle’s safety, there were no crimes committed during the festival as far as I know. Go Hawks.

Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII

DCIM100MEDIAIt was a very good game and completely unexpected. The Seahawks beating the Broncos by that many points? It was almost a shutout. It was a typical game for Seattle, too. The O line was okay but the guys in D were typically on point. Yay to the Legion Of Boom! Spontaneous parties broke out all over town last night, from Pioneer Square to Pike Place Market. From University District to Capitol Hill. Those are the ones I’m aware of. I’m also sure they partied in the street in Renton, Kent, maybe even Marysville or Tacoma. Everything with Seattle now is Seahawks, Seahawks, Seahawks. The Seahawks are back in town! The Seahawks have the Lombardi Trophy with them! The Seahawks are having a parade on Wednesday! The Seahawks Skittles candy is a must-have item as well as the new Super Bowl Championships t-shirts. They cost $25, a little out of my price range. I can afford the candy if they retail for $1 or less, though. The city’s celebrating and so am I. Doritos, anyone?