Week 2 of strict Jain diet

I feel fine, not hungry or week. It is interesting to look at restaurant commercials on TV and realize there’s nothing there for you to eat. About 2 weeks ago I finally adopted a strict Jain diet. So, in addition to eschewing meat and fish I also avoid milk, cheese, eggs, root vegetables, mushrooms, etc. That pretty much almost makes me a fruitarian. That means no more fish and chips, no more French fries, no more mac & cheese, no brie, no yogurt, no quiche, no fried rice if it contains egg, onions or carrots, no pizza. At least there’s still spaghetti and tomato sauce. Interestingly, some Jains also give up red foodstuffs like tomatoes and watermelons. All this strictness makes food shopping an interesting experience. When I go to a supermarket, which I hate anyway because they’re loud and crowded, I skip aisle after aisle of stuff I don’t eat. Pretty cool. That kind of limits me to the fruit and granola bars sections. So far I think I’m handling it well. It’ll probably make me go down to my high school weight in a few months, I hope.


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