Jainpedia & Tattvartha Sutra

There’s an online site I frequent a lot. It’s technically an encyclopedia of all things Jainism. A very informative site, all the books on it can be accessed and read for free, none of which you have to pay for. That, of course, is the Jain way. Here’s the site: http://www.jainpedia.org/home.html

I downloaded a copy of the most important Jain text today. It’s called Tattvartha Sutra and can be d/l from here: pptfun.com/Jaindarpan/Jainbook/Ebooks…/Tattvartha_Sutra_01.pdf

Tattvartha Sutra means ‘That Which Is’. It shouldn’t take too long to read as it’s about 20 or so pages. Ican’twait to read it, the words of Mahavir. Should be interesting and insightful.


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