My Heart Got Broke Today

Broken HeartMy job at the Aloha Inn transitional shelter is giving out applications at a church in downtown Seattle for the homeless to apply to live temporarily at Aloha. A family of three came in today. And they were exhausted. The mother, who was filling out the application, fell asleep on it. She said they’re all tired because they were only able to nap in parks, Safeway, etc. Every place they’d called promised to call them back but they never did; consequently, this left them out to the elements. The mother started crying and the father was visibly angry. It was a very sad sight to see. Their 9 year old daughter was fairly oblivious to their angst. In the end the family might have to split up – the mother and daughter to a women’s shelter and the father someplace else. It’s one thing to read or hear about the homeless. It’s something else to have them cry in your presence while asking for help. The sight can break your heart. It did mine.


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