Jain Society of Seattle

Adinath and Mahavir

Adinath and Mahavir

Yes, Virginia, there is one. Our temple is located within the walls of the Hindu Temple & Cultural Center in Bothell. Right now it’s under renovation but should be up and totally functional in a few months. I was going to take some pictures but I didn’t know if they’d allow it so I didn’t. So far I’ve only been up there about five times, mainly for the big celebrations like Mahavir Jayanti. The two idols pictured in the photo are Adinath and Mahavir, the 1st and 24th Thirtankars. Mahavir, as we all know, is the Jina for this generation and the one who’s teachings are followed. Basically, is teachings are the same as all the other Thirtankars, though – respect for all life, renunciation of material things to attain happiness, extreme non-violence, etc. It’s interesting to note that teens and young people don’t go to the temple that much, at least when I’m there anyway. Mainly it’s older folks and young kids who are learning about Jain Dharma. I suppose like any other religion, the young ones prefer to sit at home playing video games than attending temple. That’s their prerogative. The only reason I mention that is I get a perspective of Jainism from the older crowd. I would also be interested to see how young Jains apply the tenets of Jainism, what they cling to and what they eschew. I’ve read they don’t care much for the complex practices of their ancestors. Some probably don’t bow to the idols, either. I do know that some sects of Jainism have no idols in their temple at all. I guess the basic beliefs of non-violence remain and that’s probably the biggest takeaway. I’m looking forward to the 5K Walk/Run in Marymoor Park on Aug 9. Should be interesting.


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