The Power of Forgiveness

Korean Weight LifterI’m not sure if this is the right title for this entry but it’ll do for now as I have very little time with internet access anyway. What my attempt is, anyway, is to not harbor ill will to those who would torment me. For instance, if a jogger or bicyclist suddenly came up behind me and said, “To your right!” or “To your left!” it normally startles me and makes me jump out of my skin. Of course this would anger me. Now, what I’m learning how to do is simply think, “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test my Jain Dharma.” When I hear people play bad guitar that makes my skin crawl and think, “Thanks for playing bad guitar to allow me the opportunity to strengthen my Jain Dharma.” When people insult me, talk behind my back or walk their pitbulls and other savage dogs near me I think, “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to strengthen my resolve in Jainism.” The opposite, of course, would be to swing on all these people and end up in jail or worse. I have to believe that my resilience will make me a better person. So, wreckless driver, thanks for unnecessarily honking your horn in unmovable traffic. Speedy driver, thanks for tailgating at 60mph even though if the guy in front of you suddenly brakes you’ll end up in the morgue. Lazy waiter, thanks for bringing my food 45 minutes late. Hunger builds character anyway. Harried mothers, thanks for having seven noisy uncontrollable kids  who scream incessantly for products on the shelves you can’t afford. Thanks, world, for presenting me with challenges everyday. You give me the strength to carry on.


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