On Forgetfulness

swordIsn’t man’s ability to conveniently forget a necessary survival instinct? For instance, if you were continually assaulted by a certain race, you won’t forget, and chances are you’ll shun that race forever unless someone comes along to change your mind. And who knows? Maybe they’ll save your life one day. Or you “innocently” forget the miss’s birthday so you save yourself a small fortune on candies and roses. However, when that faux pas is brought to your attention, all manner of hail and brimstone will come raining down upon your errant head. One stiff crack upside your noggin, though, and you’ll probably never forget her birthday again. Even salmon, with the sinuous and arduous route they travelled their entire life, can remember to return to the field that first gave them life. How is it that human beings, so much more advanced than all lower life forms, can so easily forget the people that helped them out when they were down, when they were in need of inspiration? You can do your best to help someone out, befriend them, console them, comfort them, assist them financially or otherwise, but as soon as they meet someone new they abandon you like a dog in the street. Why is that? It’s happened to me so often that I now approach all potential relationships as being merely transitory. I’ll laugh with you today but tomorrow you’ll have me crying. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe one good helping of Robin is enough for anyone’s lifetime. I blame myself for putting people up on pedestals, though, for convincing myself that they’re good for their word and will do what they say and say what they mean. Of course I’m finding all of this to be false. It appears that people often make promises simply for how mellifluous it sounds to the ear while secretly crossing their fingers behind their backs. This tangent makes it hard to trust people, to care for them, to lay your soul bare to them when, in all reality, they’ll do is just stick it to you in your back and keep on twisting till all your nerves have been severed. Mankind. Love ’em or hate ’em, they bear scrutiny, for their forgetfulness is like a double-edge sword – it can serve to protect you or, if mishandled, easily pierce and slay you.


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