Sensory Overload, Seattle style

FoxholeOh, lord. Here we go again – another sensory explosion for Robin. I was testing myself by walking through downtown Seattle just now. In the beginning the walk was okay, pretty event-free. However, as I got closer to the Pike-Pine corridor, my senses went into overdrive. Suddenly the sights and sounds of the city became unbearable. There were too many faces to memorize, too many buildings, too many colours, too many sounds, too many buses and cars, too many beggars, too many tourists, too many footsteps, too many cranes, too many signs, too many pigeons, too many everything. I could feel the sweat increasing on my brow and down my back. I had to quicken my step if I wanted to get out of there without bursting into flames. Thankfully, this lasted for only about 5 or 6 blocks. By the time I got to Cherry St. I got a little calmer. I think I’m going to have to stop doing these constitutionals through the city as they can be overwhelming. What I need is a private foxhole to hide in. Where to buy one, though, is a mystery.


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