Forgetting Who You Are

rememberFor the past year or so the main things on my mind are Jainism and autism. You can also add homelessism to the canon but it’s not necessary – it’s not really an ism and shouldn’t be something I look forward to anyway. I’ve never forgotten I’m a writer especially since I try to lay in a new blog post every week or so. One thing I did lay on the back burner is my songwriting. I haven’t written a song in years; hell, I don’t even have a guitar. From the way I live now you’d never guess I released albums, played in a few bands and engineered at a recording studio in midtown Manhattan. I got reminded this week that I am a songwriter, though. One of the songs from my solo album “Quartermoon” is going to be released, hopefully, in Europe soon and the video created in a month or so. The song is “Make A Big Noise” and I promise not to get a big head if it becomes a hit. It’s weird though especially since I am now a Jain and practice aparigraha, the concept of non-possessiveness, non-attachment, non-greediness, non-having moneyness.  I have only one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, eight shirts, my car and this laptop. The idea, of course, is that happiness derives from owning as little as possible. That makes sense to me because if I have basically nothing to steal I don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time. I think as long as I remember I’m an addict in addition to being an autistic Jain, and keep on working on myself, I should be okay.


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