Last Night’s Lucid Dream

Retail BusinessesI was in Seattle’s Central District. I was walking east on tree-lined Yesler Way on the north side of the street and, around 19th Ave., I looked across the street at the green directional plate which said “Yesler” to confirm I was in the right neighborhood. “Anyway, it must be,” I thought because I saw the white Ethiopian night club right in front of me and realized, “See? This must be 19th because I know this nightclub (from hanging around Yesler in my drug-seeking days).

As I continued walking east towards my destination at 20th and Yesler, I fell to the sidewalk and landed in a sitting position. I started thinking, “Eh, no big deal”, but when I tried to get up my legs wouldn’t work. I thought, “See! It’s happening in real life! I dream a lot that I can’t walk and here it is I can’t walk! I guess now people will believe me!”

I got up and continued walking east on Yesler and dipped into the back parking lot of a hardware store which was on my left. I entered the store. There was no back door so I didn’t have to open anything. I walked to my left in front of the shelves and got my lightbulb. It was a white dome bulb the size of a baseball. I put the bulb in a wrinkled brown paper bag I was carrying and continued to the front where I could pay for it.

The poorly lit north-south rectangular front room with the cash register was separated from the rest of the store by a wall so I entered through a door to my left. No one was at the register  which was on the table across from the entrance. Those  two items, and a wooden cane dangling off a shelf behind me, were the only things in the otherwise empty room. I did notice two slightly heavyset black women standing chatting close to the entrance to the right. A white or Hispanic family of about one  or two adults and three or four kids were congregated near the south end of the register which is to the right from where I stood. I could see both groups chatting but I couldn’t make out what they were saying because I thought I was standing a little too far towards the north end of the store.

While I was standing there I kept on steadying the cane behind me because it was constantly sliding down the shelf. Eventually, both heavyset women walked from my right to my left and continued talking. The one closest to me reached for the cane and removed it from the shelf. “Good,” I thought. “I was getting tired of holding it up.”

The white female clerk with curly black hair (she looked to be in her early 30’s) walked in from the back to ring up my order. Before she could go to the register we both noticed small pieces of glittering glass lying on the floor. The clerk indicated that she would return to the back for a broom. Before she left she looked at my shoeless feet and said, “You know, you shouldn’t walk around like that.” I took about two steps back then she left that room and went to the back. I thought that while she was looking for the broom I’d have time to go up to the corner of 20th and Yesler to see if I could remember the address of the business I was looking for. I stood on the southwest corner and chastised myself for not bothering to write the business’ address down .

I saw two rows of mainly white houses on the west and east side of 20th Ave. but just the first white house sitting on the southwest corner had the name of a business on it. I read it’s brown wooden sign. When I noticed it was a law office I turned and crossed the street because that wasn’t the business I wasn’t looking for. I thought the address of the business I was looking for was 2003 so I figured it had to be near the corner of 20th and Yesler.

Near the other side of 20th Ave., where the curb was about twice the height of regular curbs, I saw a car approaching from about 100 feet on the south end of 20th Ave. I thought I’d better quickly get off the street so I reached over to the sidewalk and, lying prone, put my arms around a metal electrical pole. When I tried pulling my legs off the street they wouldn’t move. “Dammit!” I thought. “I’d better hurry otherwise I’ll get hit my that fast approaching car.” As luck would have it my legs wouldn’t obey my commands so I started panicking. Finally, as the car neared I was able to get my legs on the sidewalk. “That was too close,” I thought.

Standing on the southeast corner of 20th and Yesler I looked up the north side of 20th Ave. which was to my right. I saw just one-story retail businesses there, no houses, and I thought, “Well, the address of the place I’m looking for must be down there somewhere.” Then I woke up. It was 5 AM.

I only wrote this dream down because it was so crystal clear and I didn’t want to forget it. What does it mean? I don’t have a clue.

Nakomar Maha Mantra

This is the most sacred Mantra amongst the Jains. It says:

Ṇamō arihantāṇaṁ – I bow to the (arihants) liberated souls; those who have no enemies; those who have ended attachments and aversions.

Ṇamō siddhāṇaṁ – I bow to the (siddhas) perfected ones.

Ṇamō āyariyāṇaṁ – I bow to the (acharyas) preceptors, spiritual leaders, teachers.

Ṇamō uvajjhāyāṇaṁ – I bow to the (Upadhyâyas) teachers.

Ṇamō lōē savva sāhūṇaṁ – I bow to all the (sadhus) saints, all monks.

[Ēsōpan̄caṇamōkkārō, savvapāvappaṇāsaṇō – [This five-fold bowing destroys all sins and obstacles-

Maṅgalā ṇaṁ ca savvēsiṁ, paḍamama havaī maṅgalaṁ] – and of all auspicious mantras, is the first and foremost one].