Nakomar Maha Mantra

This is the most sacred Mantra amongst the Jains. It says:

Ṇamō arihantāṇaṁ – I bow to the (arihants) liberated souls; those who have no enemies; those who have ended attachments and aversions.

Ṇamō siddhāṇaṁ – I bow to the (siddhas) perfected ones.

Ṇamō āyariyāṇaṁ – I bow to the (acharyas) preceptors, spiritual leaders, teachers.

Ṇamō uvajjhāyāṇaṁ – I bow to the (Upadhyâyas) teachers.

Ṇamō lōē savva sāhūṇaṁ – I bow to all the (sadhus) saints, all monks.

[Ēsōpan̄caṇamōkkārō, savvapāvappaṇāsaṇō – [This five-fold bowing destroys all sins and obstacles-

Maṅgalā ṇaṁ ca savvēsiṁ, paḍamama havaī maṅgalaṁ] – and of all auspicious mantras, is the first and foremost one].


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