The Joy Of Owning Nothing

BlankWonderful concept, ain’t it? Owning nothing. Nada, zilch, duck egg. Nothing to protect with my life, nothing that would burn up in a fire, nothing that anyone would be jealous of, nothing to refrigerate or it will spoil, nothing to keep buying food and comfort items for, nothing that’s dependent on electricity. Yes, we Jains call it aparigraha and it’s one of the ideals that our ascetic brothers and sisters strive for. I do own a few things now (my used car, this used laptop, 6 shirts, one pair of pants and sneakers and a couple of cans of peas, beans and corn) but I’d like to transcend that into owning nothing. Of course, walking around naked here in Seattle like a Digambar monk would get me arrested, so I gotta do like the Romans when you’re in Rome. I just won’t do it extravagantly.


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