On Greed


What a despicable ailment is greed.

It forces men to commit to overtime at jobs they hate so they can make enough money to pay off the mortgage or buy a new BMW or 20 foot catamaran or spanking brand new 72″ HD LED 4K TV.

It’s what spurs men on to support despots and conquer nations so their own personal fortunes will grow.

It’s what causes brother to kill brother because they must have his wife or money or drugs or fame or food.

It’s what changes people from healthy specimens to gluttonous swine.

It’s what creates immeasurable fear in you as you’re running away from a looted furniture store with a recliner in a shopping cart.

It’s what causes great dissention between the rich and the poor.

It’s what causes resentments at otherwise casually peaceful meetings.

It’s what causes unnecessary clutter in people’s homes.

The only thing you can take with you to the grave as a result of greed is greed. Everything else is tripe.