Non-Violence Is Easy. Non-Possessiveness is More Challenging To Me.

Bus PassNon-violence is easy. Don’t pick up a gun and shoot anyone. Don’t pick up a sword and chop anyone. Avoid violence and negativity in thoughts, words and actions. I don’t hang around much people anyway so it’s relatively easy to temper my negative passions that way. If someone does cross my path and says or does something negative towards me, I have to remember to stop and think (as our right hand symbol suggests) and thank the person for allowing me a chance to test compassion and forgiveness, in essence, test my Jainism, if you will.

Lessening possessions is another matter, though. Obviously, I can’t walk around naked like our Digambar monks. What I do possess are eight shirts, one pair of pants, one pair of sneakers, an Obama phone, my car and my computer, both of which were purchased used. I suppose that’s already relatively little by today’s standards but I think I could go even further.

Since I need my clothes, what I can give up are my car and computer. That’s gonna be tough, though, because they keep me going through the day, especially the computer. I watch movies on it, watch terrestrial TV on it, surf the internet, converse with other Jains and Autistic people on it, write my short stories on it, listen to music on it, etc. In the past I’ve even created music on it as well as edited videos on it. In short, it’s been very good to me these past 30 years or so, so abandoning it will be difficult, indeed.

Giving up my car is an easier matter. Seattle is rife with transportation so, technically, I can get away without it. Of course, since I also sleep in my car, I’ll have to keep it till an apartment comes along. Once I do get a place I think I’ll give the car up. That’ll leave me with just my laptop and clothes. In any case, I don’t mind walking. I need the exercise anyway. I’ll just have to manage with the occasional bus pass now and then. I think that’s doable.


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