R.I.P. Ken Cruz

Ken and Keena

Ken & Keena Marie


I’d read that my old friend Ken Cruz died on April 17, 2016 at 4PM. I didn’t register it at first as being Ken Cruz, the drummer from Seattle rock/ska/reggae band MOON. As a matter of fact, I thought maybe it was a message from Ken stating that someone with his name had died recently and he was simply appropriating the guy’s misfortune. Of course, when I realized it really was my old MOON friend, I was stunned. I’m still numb. Everything I’ve been doing lately has been done with this deep, dark pall that hovers over me, rendering me almost speechless, if not downright feeling miserable.

Ken leaves behind his family and friends and his three year old daughter, Keena Marie. I  remember Ken as being the driving force behind MOON, the band which he’d formed and given its name. We were together for 2 1/2 years and included Ken on drums, Luke Swart on bass, Ben Dorcy on vocals and sax, and myself on guitar. Because of our love for all things ska (The Specials, Sublime, No Doubt, Aquabats, etc) we sought to emulate our heroes by covering their songs as well as writing our own. Consequently, we recorded a few albums and played quite a few shows in and around the Seattle area at venues like Studio Seven, El Corazon, Mirkwood & Shire, Poggie Tavern and others. Our idea to perform dressed only in black and white came from Ken, no doubt because of his fascination with The Specials and other Two Tone groups.

Ken will be missed deeply. He can be seen in all the videos on the Video page of this blog and MOON’s music can be obtained online at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and elsewhere.






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