“Sorry. I Don’t Drink Anymore.”

WallingfordSignWould you believe those words came out of me after being handed a cold 16oz can of Olympia beer? I was here at the food bank yesterday and this guy offered me a one. I uttered the words above then, after remembering those on the street who do continue to drink regularly, I accept it for them. The stranger actually gave me two cans of Olympia which I then promptly brought to a homeless guy I know who “spanges” outside the QFC up the block. (“Spange” is a portmanteau of “spare” and “change”). I’d say that was a pretty good test as it was the first time I’ve actually held brew in my hand since giving it up July 26, 2014.

In other news I have a new friend now, Travis from Bozeman. He’s pretty cool. Homeless like me. As a matter of fact, quite a few similarities to me except the gay bits. (Nothing a cold pint can’t cure, though). We walked to the Seattle Scrabble Club in UW yesterday and played a few games. I lost both of mine; guess it’s time to dust off an old Scrabble board if I can find one.

Life hasn’t been too bad, really. I have new shoes, new pants, a new shirt, new sweater and a new cap. (Well, they’re used and in good shape but new to me). I recently contacted the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce about sweeping up the main drag through town, 45th St. They haven’t gotten back to me yet but this street can use a good cleaning. It’s not as bad as Thayer St. in Providence but it could use a little straightening.

Yesterday, a drunk couple that spanges outside the QFC broke into a man’s car on Meridian, just down the block from where I park my car. That’s bad because it gives the Wallingford homeless a bad name. The yuppies are moving into town in droves and they’ll use their monetary influence to push anyone out of town who doesn’t suit them, that is, the homeless. Now, I have extra work – make sure the local homeless don’t do anything that jeopardizes my opportunity to stay in Wallingford. I like this town and will most likely die here. Everything’s within easy reach as I’m surround by parks, the food bank and library, restaurants, my doctor’s and dentist’s office, quiet streets to park and sleep on, public showers, etc. No complaints from me. Can’t let the riff raff homeless ruin that for me, though.


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