The Aspie Stone: A Metaphor

Tub of WaterTake a large, round tub, say, the size of one of those Victoria’s Secret posters in the mall, and fill it with tap water. Take a small pebble of about 1″ in diameter and drop it in the middle of the tub. Some waves will be created but not so much that they careen off the edge of the tub. In fact, in this example, the waves only go about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the way towards the edge. Now, pick up the same sized stone, except this stone is the Aspie Stone. It pretty much looks the same and weighs the same as the first stone, the NT stone. However, when you drop the Aspie Stone into the tub, the waves created not only travels to the edge of the tub but some water even spills out. How can this happen? It’s what inside the Aspie Stone that makes his reaction to the normal environment, the water, so explosive. In other words, handle the Aspie Stone with great care. You don’t know what it’s capable of.


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