We Must Stop Killing Each Other Movement

black-people-white-womanThe We Must Stop Killing Each Other is a movement alive and well in Detroit, Baltimore and other cities. Their aim is to bring light to the fact that Brothers are killing each other like dogs in the street and it’s not being addressed because, well, that’s a promotion of peace and peace doesn’t sell newspapers. You know what they say, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

This is not going to happen in my lifetime: people waking up to the fact that there is no Us vs Them war, no Black vs White war in America. The media would have ignorant minds believe that myth so there will always be militants standing guard, militants at the forefront, maybe some of these militants will spray down the lobby of City Hall with slugs from an AR-15 and create fodder for the press.

It’s interesting how people allow themselves to be manipulated into thinking Black folks and White folks are not equal. Are their instances where prejudice and racism rears their ugly heads? Of course, but it’s not widespread like the media will have you believe. They cleverly spin their stories at the behest of responsible journalism in their sole attempt to make money. Nothing else. Black folks and white folks kill each other on the street, the media sweeps in and collects more advertising dollars.

So, will the media help spread love, compassion, tolerance and non-violence by giving press to movements like ‘We Must Stop Killing Each Other’? Not a chance.




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