Follow the Leader


Genghis Khan

Ever played that game, Follow the Leader? I never did because I don’t recognize leaders. Let me explain. How is it that one authoritarian figure can convince a group of people that the village or lands of X, Y and Z need to be conquered, usurped and/or destroyed? Why capitulate to the evil caprices of a dictator? What’s to be gained from it? If I was born during the times of, say, Genghis Khan, I would’ve been one of the first dissenters executed. I think this is probably related to being autistic, too. Leaders? Sorry. Not for me. I’m not part of your social hierarchy and could never be if I tried. I march to the beat of just one drummer, the one in my head.  I will challenge your authority till you get so tired of me you’ll cut off my head and place it on a stake for your minions to see. You’re smart, but not that smart. I will be one of the intellectuals you bury in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. I will be one of the intellectuals you gas at Dachau in WWII. I will not go quietly in the night. Follow you? I’d rather shove spears through my crotch than capitulate to your nonsense.


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