Nikola Tesla

TeslaPortrait1A few years ago, during one of my barnstorming days, I came up with the 71 predictions I’ve listed on this site. One of those predictions is No. 55 – Anywhere Battery Power or Anywhere Power. Little did I know that Nikola Tesla also had that idea back in the 1890’s. Of course, being the super genius that he was, he actually went about designing the circuitry that would make Anywhere Power available to the masses. Of course, if I was General Electric, American Atomics, or Pacific Gas and Electric I’d lace your morning java with strychnine so your free-power invention wouldn’t see the light of day (Hey! A pun from Robin!). And this reminds me of another idea I also had a couple of years ago. I wrote the treatment for a movie about a man who discovered his late father’s design of a car that runs completely on solar power – no electricity, no gas, no methane needed. An attempt is made on the son to shut him up; it fails but lands him in a psych hospital. He eventually escapes from the mad house and turns the tides on those who set him up. I never did finish writing that book because, well, you know, OTHER things got in my way. Doesn’t mean I won’t revisit it, though.

Somewhere along the way I plan to make a post here on The Writings of an American Author called Kindred Spirit: Nikola Tesla. I’ve been studying him and his work lately. Seems like we have a lot in common, down to the fact we share the same birthday. Pretty cool. He was also autistic. When I read more about him, and see the documentaries that doth exist, I’ll write the post. Until then, here’s an update: I started writing a new novel called “Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven” about a month ago. So far I’ve got 120 pages. So, let’s see. This is the end of August. At this rate I should be done by November or December. To expedite it, I’ve cut off my involvement with the world. What I mean by that is I’ve closed my Facebook account, threw my phone away, and barely answer my emails. They were too distracting, and negative, anyway. I’ll rejoin the world when the book is done. Maybe.


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