My Life Isn’t That Bad.


This is beyond horrible. It’s outright ridiculous. This kid lives, or should I say, exists for now, in Yemen but it could be anywhere – Brazil, the U.S., Trinidad & Tobago, Swaziland, Macao, anywhere. Yeah. I’d also feel guilty as poot if I was “forced” to show up in an $80,000 Prada dress and a $10,000,000 necklace, as opposed to a Valentino, like Anne Hathaway did at the Oscars a few years back. Sorry, Anne. I don’t mean to pick on you, it’s the gross imbalance in our society that makes me feel like a stroke is always coming on.

Murder In Rock & Roll Heaven



The link above is the nomination site at Amazon for Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven. If I get enough nominations, Amazon will publish the book under their imprint (Kindle Scout) and give me a $1500 advance. Here’s the new cover. I think it’s a little easier to read than the red/white gradient I’d utilized before.

Ever Had That “This Is It, It’s Over” Feeling?

maniaA few days ago I started two new meds for a manic episode I had. (Yes, I’m bipolar). People were frowning on the fact that I walked around the streets and parks naked. I can justify that by saying our Digambar monks do it, so why can’t I? Of course, in this society, I could catch an indecent exposure or sexual harassment charge for that, so I told my psychiatrist about it. I also told her I’ve also been climbing the walls and feeling out of control. The meds she put me on were Geodon and Seroquel. I made the mistake of taking two Seroquels on the first day instead of one. I went to bed around 9PM and woke up at 7:30AM. Obviously, two pills were two strong so last night I took just one. It worked fine. As far as the Geodon, I feel a little more balanced, like I’m not going to snap suddenly.


This morning I was sitting in the mall playing a game on this here computer, when out of the blue, I got light-headed and started seeing double. It drove me nuts. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get my vision realigned. Instinctively, I reached to palpitate my pulse and felt nothing. My blood pressure was so low that the lack of a pulse put me in panic mode. You know what’s the first, and only, thing I thought? That I didn’t have a chance to finish the new book I’m writing. Once I’m done, then yeah, it probably won’t matter so much. But since I’ve already written 212 pages/77,000 words, I might have only two months to go.

The book’s called ‘Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven’. I’m not sure if I’d posted that before; I barely seem to get the time to create new posts these days. The Jain influence in the book is strong, but hopefully, not so strong that it seems like I’m proselytizing, I think this novel has a lot of potential, so chances are, I won’t publish it myself. I’d like to go the way of an established publisher or try to do that Amazon/KDP Select Publishing deal or whatever it’s called. If neither of those pan out I’ll just publish it m’self.