My Kindred Spirit: Nikola Tesla

TeslaPortrait1I’d been meaning to write this post for some time but I was busy completing ‘Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven.’ Now that I have a little down time, I figured I’d talk about what I have in common with Brother Tesla. To wit:

1. Same birthday – July 10
2. Same mental health issues – Autism, depression, OCD, sleep-deprived psychosis
3. Same marital status – both single, and same level of sexual activity – asexual
4. Same intense preoccupation with multiple interests. Our difference is I lean towards the arts and he towards electricity although we do cross when it comes to deep interests in inventions (I designed a perpetual machine but haven’t physically realized it. I also designed guitars).
5. Both of us are loners
6. Both of us are highly misunderstood
7. Both of us are visionaries (see my website for a list predictions)
8. Both of us are closer to animals, birds specifically, than other humans
9. Both of us are alcoholics although Tesla stopped as he got older because he wanted to live to see 100.
10. Both of us are immigrants to the US
11. Both interested and practiced in Jain, or Jain-type, philosophy.
12. Both occasionally speak and write in 3rd person.
13. Both have lucid dreams and suffer from bizarre, frightening nightmares

As far as bizarre behaviour is concerned, I really need to keep mine in check. So far, in the past month, I’ve walked naked into a supermarket to shoplift food, break into a church, scaled the ‘no trespassing’ fence at the police station, traipse naked down the street and into public parks, locked my keys in my car, break into a newly-developed apartment complex to try and sleep (I did, for about one hour, couldn’t continue because it was freezing cold outside and their heating system was non-functional), etc. I did spend three days in a crisis center. Of course, that stay was too short to fix me. My therapist now admits that I’m too difficult a client and doesn’t know what to do with me. Both she and my psychiatrist suggest hospitalization. I don’t think that’d do any good because of the constant war raging in my hand – Pre vs Lizard Boy (my logical pre-frontal cortex vs my super emotional, Spider Sense-having, overprotective amygdala).

The week was wrapped up by my one day stay in a local ER where I was given an IV and a bettery of tests, including an abdominal CT scan. I have a small renal cyst. The intense, cramping pain that sent to there in the first place was probably due to eating days-old string cheese I’d forgotten in my trunk.


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