Journaling Exercise

In my SUDS class this morning, the teacher gave us this exercise consisting of four questions. I’ve written both the questions and my answers here. I’m supposed to do this journaling exercise every day. I will, but not here on Writings of an American Author. I’ll just keep future exercises in my head.

  1. What did I do for myself today that made me feel good about myself? I allowed cars exiting from gas stations, department stores and other places of business to cut in front of me in my lane in traffic. I also went to DSHS and asked them if SSA reported my disability award to them. They said no and I can deal with that tomorrow because they were going to close early for the day. I then went to the landlord here and asked them the same thing. They said there’s no rush and I can deal with it next week.
  2. What did I do for someone else? I gave someone a ride to the SUDS group this morning and gave someone else a lift to their home after the group. Later today, I gave my first passenger another ride, this time to a soup kitchen. I also stood with him while he was smoking his cigarettes outside, as well as sit and watch a movie with him. I also listened to his stories of the disturbing behaviors and delusional beliefs he had when he was high on meth.
  3. Where did I have difficulty? The cigarette smoking bits. Personally, I’d rather not hang out with someone who is smoking because it smells and the smoke makes my eyes water. I really wish he’d take the hint that I’d rather not be around it, but part of me says I’m simply earning karma points by giving him much needed support.
  4. What happened today that made me glad to be alive? I haven’t lost my writing skills. I completed the rough outline for my latest short story, a story which I hope to finish in about two weeks. I also autographed three of my books that an employee from this transitional house had bought from Amazon. Another employee here also told me she bought one of my books. Tres cool!

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