KPGY-FM, Iowa State University, 1981/1982

Here’s something I rarely talk about. As an Electrical Engineering freshman and sophomore living in Friley Hall at ISU, I used to host a three hour Saturday night radio show from 11pm till 2am called New Music Experience. Mainly, I played music by punk & new wave bands like Circle Jerks, Lene Lovich, local Iowa band A Testament Of Youth (ATOY), The Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Jimmie Mack, S.C.U.M., Joy Division, The Jim Carroll Band, The Stepmothers, The Specials, Squeeze, B-52’s, etc. My friends at the time were punkers like Fuchsia, the brothers Wump and Wormie, and singer Brad Roth and other members of ATOY.

It was an interesting time principally because we were all outcasts. Whatever was popular then (football, sitcoms, etc) didn’t interest us. We were too subversive for that. Dead Kennedys and Husker Du were more our style. Anyway, such is how life goes: you migrate from one experience to the next. After my 2 1/2 years at ISU ended, I returned to Mt. Vernon, NY and joined a band which we eventually named Future Fuzz. I think my next blog entry will be about that 1 1/2 year experience. Here’s an interesting: I booked us a gig at the legendary CBGB’s at Bleeker and Bowery in New York City. That was a fun Wednesday.

Editing My Short Film

This has been an interesting few months. I suffer from bipolar disorder so I’ve had episodes where I’m depressed as hell followed by times where I feel like I can climb the Eiffel Tower naked. During my “up” periods I’ve been fairly productive, so I can’t complain. Besides writing the occasional poem, I’ve been writing the script for my short film, “Major Nobody,” as well as shooting principal photography around town. I’m pretty much done with the photography so now I’m in the editing phase. I’m using the latest version of Adobe Premiere. I’ve used it in the past so the learning curve wasn’t all that difficult, just had to consult a few online self-help manuals here and there to help me optimize it for my laptop.

I’ve also started working with my recording equipment after a long hiatus. Again, there’s a bit of a learning curve because I’m using Cubase 9. The last time I recorded with Cubase was about six or seven years ago and it was with Cubase 5 so you can imagine how much more complex Cubase 9 is. Still, I have some new toys from IK Multimedia to work with – MODO Drum and MODO Bass, both excellent plugins. I also have some guitars coming in from China in a few months which should bring my collection of axes up to 8, maybe 9 if I spring for a Rickenbacker 4001 Walnut. All in all, I’m not complaining.