The Ides of March – Kickoff to Disaster 2020

Novel CoronavirusHello world. As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, one of my “traits”, if you will, is I see patterns everywhere. I’m that guy who, walking down the street, will notice how three or four cars parked in a row all have license plates that begin with the same letter. I’m that guy who memorizes train routes then quickly notices something is amiss when a new version of the map is printed. I’m that guy who predicts what the look of a meal at a restaurant would be based on the quality of the arrangement of my favorite appetizer, calamari. Here’s a quiz: You walk into a room and give each of the ten kids sitting there a toy truck. How do you recognize the autistic kid? The nine neurotypical kids will start playing with the trucks, making noises and rolling them all over the place; the autistic kid will be sitting in a corner trying to figure out how the lights work, what the wheels are made of, what kid of metal the body is made of, and so on. Such is a structurally ordered mind.

Which brings me to the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. To this day, China and South Korea have a relative grip on containing the spread of the virus as their infection numbers are lessening day by day. China, being authoritarian, was able to initiate a general lockdown that western governments can’t, or won’t. South Koreans are generally well-behaved, following the suggestions of their leaders in mitigating the spread of germs. Western folks, on the other hand, challenge their leaders a lot, and this is fine. It’s healthy. It’s one way of making sure duly elected leaders don’t try to become monarchs. The effect of that, though, is sometimes people won’t heed professional advice and do whatever they want. That’s why I started looking at today, March 15, the Ides of March, as the kickoff to disaster for older folks.

There are two general areas that older, more vulnerable, people should avoid, but they won’t – churches and casinos. Those are perfect spots for circulating the coronavirus as they’re closed-in and the people are in close proximity to each other. I’d say the same thing about movie theatres but older folks generally don’t frequent those that much. Indian casinos have their own sovereignty so they don’t have to abide by the laws of a state government. Federally, they do, but we haven’t gotten to that phase yet. With all the recent banning of large congregations of people in select spots nationwide, there are bound to be those who’ll eschew the new rules and go out today anyway. I suspect that in about two-three weeks, we’ll really see an explosion of coronavirus cases. Sigh. People have been warned.