Obey the Darkness: Horror Stories

I’ve kinda sorta released my latest opus, Obey the Darkness: Horror Stories, unto the world. It’s in contention for consideration for a publishing spot from Kindle Scout. If that proves fruitless I’ll just publish it myself and get to publicizing it as much as I can.

In other news, I might be moving soon, maybe even today. I applied for a one bedroom trailer in Forks last week and the realtor says my application looks good. She’ll call me back tomorrow and, who knows? Maybe I’ll even get the key tomorrow.

In other news, my novelette “Lamp Black” was accepted for publication by Scarlet Leaf Review and will appear in their November issue.

In other news, my short story “The Black Cumin Cure” was accepted for publication by Aphelion. I’d forgotten I’d sent them an early version of “Cumin.” Oh well. Too late now. I’m glad they thought my earlier draft was still worthy.

In other news, I wrote three screenplays in the past two months and sent them off to InkTip and Black List for producers to take a gander. The three scripts are Strung Out, Crystal Mine and Tears Of A Clown. So far, one producer has shown interest in Crystal Mine, so that’s fairly promising.

In other news, if I was under close psychiatric supervision right now, they’d say I’m waaaaay too busy with my writing. Yeah, I admit, my output has been pretty extreme these past couple of months, especially since I just got done with a month-long book tour and and scoping out several publicity venues at once. I know for myself I have to slow down, but when I do, I get depressed as hell. I can’t fight that beast, and I can’t conquer it. Yeah, my over-activity could probably destroy me someday. You win some, you lose some, right?


Tears Of A Clown

Recently, I’ve been trying to breathe new life into an old script of mine, Tears Of A Clown. For the uninitiated, I wrote it when I lived in Hollywood 1n 1999. Wow! That’s 18 years ago. Since then it’s become an ebook and paperpback novella, audiobook, and “screenplay based on the novella.” Tonight, I edited the first draft of 155 pages to its current 115 pages second draft and released it on InkTip for all the world to see. Hopefully, I’ll get a bite, get paid and, um, retire in style. I’ve always like Tears Of A Clown. Yeah, it was written to be a commercial sell, but what can I say? It’s time I ventured back into movie making, right? I’m way overdue.

Soon, They’ll Have A Photograph Of The Soul

Recently, a team of chemists working in cryo-electron microscopy won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their photos of human cells working at the atomic level. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/04/555524708/nobel-prize-in-chemistry-honors-views-of-human-cells-at-the-atomic-level

Things like this fascinates me and is even mentioned, somewhat, in my last novel, “Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven.” Since I borrowed from Jain Cosmology for those micro-cellular explanations, it does give gravity to a religion deeply rooted in science and not superstition. Nevertheless, without getting religious myself, it’s interesting that photography can become so finite now. It’s probably only a matter of time before they’re able to snap pictures of karmic matter which, again, Jains believe obfuscates knowledge by binding to the soul. Tres cool.

New Affiliation: Horror Writers Association

I was accepted as a member into the Horror Writers Association today. I guess that means there should be opportunities available on there to help my writing career. I’ll take a closer gander that later because I’m currently prepping my new book, Strung Out, for an October or November release. Strung Out will be a 30K-word long novella. That’s not as long as Stranded in Paradise or Tears of a Clown, so I’ll fatten it up by adding the sci-fi novelette, A Walk in the Park with Mozart, to it.

I’m Free! No More Writing For A While!

Hi, all. Trivial matter, this. I mean, looking at everything else going on around the world – threat of hydrogen testing by the North Koreans in the Pacific, hurricanes and earthquakes coming out of the woodwork, daily protests in the streets, drugs and crime always in the news…me finally getting a break from writing is absolutely inconsequential in the scheme to things. This is not earth shattering, but it matters to me.

My virtual book tour for “Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven” has just one more week to go. I’m done putting the finishing touches on “Obey the Darkness: Horror Stories,” and last but not least, think I’ve finished rewriting the novelette, nee short story, “The Black Cumin Cure.” Of all the prose I’ve ever agonized about in my life, it was this one, hands down.

I first wrote “The Black Cumin Cure” for a sci-fi/horror magazine about three years ago. It failed. I reworked it, sent it to another publisher, and they also passed on it. Thinking the third time the charm, I restructured it and sent it in to a third online magazine publisher. They weren’t interested. Consequently, I let the work die a slow, painful death.

About four months ago, I had another look at it, tweaked it a little, and sent it off. It failed. Subsequent tweaks also failed to get it published. The difference this time around is the publishers all gave me reasons why my work was lacking. Interestingly, some of the critique appeared to contradict the other, making me think me think my work wasn’t what they wanted, not that it was lacking in the grammatical arena. In any case, “Black Cumin” went from a 3,500 word short story to an 8,200 word novelette. I sent it off yesterday to five publishers for consideration. At this point though, even if all five reject it, I’m still going to go ahead and publish as is. It’ll be the third story in “Obey.” The book has 11 stories, so obviously, its ranking at No. 3 is pretty high.

Why did “The Black Cumin Cure” have such a lengthy development arc? It’s sci-fi meets horror, but my original intention was that the horror was the strong parts and the sci-fi, well, not so much. I suppose in this age of technology, I can’t afford to skimp over technical details which, to be fair, I did. The publishers saw through my laziness, though, and call me on it. Drats. I’d hoped they wouldn’t have noticed. Sci-fi is very hard to write. The research I did for “Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven,” itself being mystery/sci-fi, caused me weeks of mental aches and pains. I’m not sure if another horror/sci-fi short of mine, “The Vented Chamber” is a success. If not, my biggest takeaway from all this is this – leave sci-fi writing to William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Larry Niven, John Scalzi, Stephen King, Michael Moorcock, Neil Gaiman, Connie Willis or whoever’s writing sci-fi these days.

My Book Tour For “Murder In Rock & Roll Heaven” Has Begun!

Well, the date has finally come – Day One of my virtual book tour. For the next month, my second novel will be featured on various blogs and I’ll be checking in with all of them to field questions people may have. I had no idea what a book tour was until I hooked up with Goddess Fish Promotions a month ago. I had it in my mind that I was simply going to sit back while they did all the work. I Guess Not. I’ve been answering interview after interview, as well as creating guest posts, for the past few weeks. It’s an interesting experience so far, and one I’m glad to say I’ve actually done. It comes at a fairly busy literary time, too, as I’m currently putting the finishing touches on “Obey The Darkness: Horror Stories.” Hopefully, I’ll have that book out my Halloween this year. BTW, the first stop on the “Murder” tour is over at Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews. Here’s the link. https://lauries-interviews.blogspot.com/2017/09/murder-in-rock-roll-heaven-by-robin-ray.html

My Audiobook is out on Audible, Amazon & iTunes. I have free codes for reviewers.

My first novel, Commoner the Vagabond, is available now on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. If anyone would like a free copy to listen to and review on Amazon, I have 25 codes left. The audiobook was narrated by Deb Lynn Carnefix. The whole experience was an interesting none, to say the least. Here are the links for your convenience.


It’s interesting that, on Amazon, “Commoner” is categorized under Parenting & Relationships > Special Needs > Disabilities. I say interesting because I didn’t choose the category. They did. I feel good about the category its in because it’s another voice of support and recognition for those with disabilities. It also places the book in the same category as bestsellers like “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” an award-winning book that eventually became a play which, incidentally, played in Seattle a few months ago. It’ll only be a matter of time before a film is made.