Published Stories & Poems

Some of the stories I’ve written already appear at online outlets. Click on each link to access them.

“Venus, Error Code 101” on Spark

Venus, Error Code 101

“Backwoods Barbecue” on Neologism Poetry Journal

April 2019

“Lamp Black” on Scarlet Leaf Review

“Walls” on The Art of Autism.

“A Walk in the Park with Mozart” on Authonomy.

“Stranded In Paradise” on Authonomy.

“My Farsi Boyfriend”  on Red Fez.

“The Candlestick Kid” on Enchanted Conversation.

“The Haunting In Belltown” on Flash Fiction World.

The Haunted Piano” on Dark Media.

Little Hammer” on Darkest Before The Dawn.

“Trees” on Free Flash Fiction.

“Rosencrantz Hardware” on Eskimo Pie.

“The Dark Lens” on Short ‘n Scary Stories.

“Trying to Sell Magazines in the Ghetto”  on Short Stories 101.

“Midnight Wrestling” on Lover Of Darkness.





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