New Year’s Resolution

Michael BubleThis comes a little late but my resolution for 2014 is to have a better year than the depressing 2013. I’ve been low in life but 2013 brought me back to those old times when I’d sunk deeper than a geoduck in the sands of the Pacific Northwest. I want to hold my head up high again and shout to the world, “I’m alive and I’m worth it!” Autism is not a great gift to have. Like spring, it can really hang you up the most. My consolation? I still have my health. I can still listen to Michael Bublê whenever I want. I can even find a restaurant in Seattle that sells geoduck (Mirugai) sushi or sashimi style. Doesn’t matter. I’m still alive. I should be grateful. You know what would be nice? If they had a sushi house that sold Basashi, raw horse meat sashimi style. It’ll ruffle some feathers but it will keep me off the brink. Bon Appétit!

Bowman’s Dog

I’m trying my best not to put up negative or depressing posts. Believe me, right about now, I feel like just sitting in a corner for days without eating. I found this cute little gadget from He’s a pretty talented creator.

Going On Tour Soon

Beach BoysI’ll be going on tour soon. What band am I currently in, did you ask? None, really. I’ll be having a book tour of Wetland and Other Stories that should last about a month. Hopefully I will get me some sweet reviews and, even better yet, purchases of my first book. It’s the dilemma of modern authors today. You can’t just sit back and let the small press publicize your book. Those days are over. You have to roll up your sleeves and take the bull by the horns yourself. Yes, it’s very tiring and time consuming, but it comes with the writing territory. I wasn’t expecting it, but it’s all good. Whatever’s clever, right?

The Goat in the Moat

animal-graphics-goats-304919I have this idea for a fairy tale called “The Goat in the Moat” but I haven’t written it yet because I’m out of sorts these days. Not that I give a toss, but I quit my nursing job earlier this week. It was overwhelming. I worked from 6:30 AM to sometimes 5 PM or 6 PM with no breaks – no bathroom break, no meal break, nothing. I literally hit the ground running from the morning to the evening. Eventually I was bound to burn out. Didn’t think it’d be this soon, though. Then again, gout flared up aggressively in my legs and prevented me from zipping around the nursing home like I wanted. Also, the facility was unbelievably disorganized. It was just a disaster waiting to happen and I couldn’t bear it anymore. It really made me suicidal. In more positive news, this production company in the U.K. likes one of my songs called “Make A Big Noise.” I signed a contract today for them to market and produce the song internationally. I’m not wishing on any star, but I hope they can make it happen.

Funniest. Meme. Ever.

i-hope-to-god-thats-batmanI had a good laugh when I saw this a few days ago. Thanks, who ever made it. It was just the bit of humor I needed in these low times.

In other news, I’m in the middle of editing the galley of my first book, Wetland and Other Stories. It’s looking good so far. I should be done by tomorrow. I don’t have a timetable for its release yet but I’m guessing it should be out in two or three months. Yay! I’ve released books before but those were on my own college company, Sound Off Press. I wish I could find those juvenile books now. They had not only short stories but also poems and illustrations. Ah. The good ol’ creative days at Iowa State.

Happy July 4th!

4th-of-july-flag-fireworks-animated-gif-heartI’ve never been one to take freedom and independence lightly. Millions of people have died fighting for these kinds of ideals. It’s definitely not lost on me. In that sense, I’d like to honor the fallen with this post. I’ve lived, I’ve struggled and have even come face to face with death. I appreciate this freedom that the people of Egypt have just ousted their president for and I celebrate the achievements mankind has accomplished.

New car, new listing

2001 Kia Optima LX

2001 Kia Optima LX

First, I rejoined the transportation world today. I bought a maroon 2001 Kia Optima LX. (No doubt I bought this Korean export because I’ve been watching a lot of Korean films lately). It has some minor issues but nothing that a little love can’t fix. I also officially became a “writer” today. There’s a certain criteria poets and writers have to make before their websites can be listed at Poets & Writers. In my case, I would have to be published in at least six journals to qualify. Since I qualified, they listed this site today. Those are the good news. The bad news is I’ll have to find a job quickly because I’m running out of funds. Anyway, I’m not worried. There’s still enough space under the Ballard Bridge to accomodate one more vagrant.