chapulines-sabores-ingredientesHave you ever heard of ’em? Me, neither. As it turns out, two Mexican restaurants right here in Sunny Seattle sell ’em, La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard and Poquito’s on Capitol Hill. In Ballard, they cost $4; on Capitol Hill, $2. What are they? Why, I’m talking about roasted grasshoppers, of course. They’re supposed to have a nutty flavor. Since parking is easier in Ballard, I’ll probably give the chapulines there a looksee. How bad can they be, right?


Insects as food

Insect sushi

Insect sushi

Yes, I know, gross, right? I’m actually willing to give crickets a try if it’s deep fried in a batter similar to those used with alligator meat on the bayou of Louisiana. Remember that fantastic little film from last year, Beasts of the Southern Wild? That’s where the batter-fried idea comes from. Fried and roasted insects are sold routinely by street vendors in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, South America and Japan. Millions of entomophagists can’t be wrong, right? I’d probably pass on the worms, though. I couldn’t imagine squishing those between my teeth.