Tears of a Clown

Tears of a ClownI published the novella “Tears of a Clown” this morning on Amazon. “Tears” used to be a horror screenplay; it still is, but I’ve since fleshed it out and turned it into a novella. I wrote this when I was in Hollywood. I think it was the 4th or 5th script I’d written. The story came together pretty quickly and the screenplay took 4 days to write. Of course, it’s went through several renditions over the years. I hope the book doesn’t give anyone nightmares.

Speaking of which – I had another one last night; not as bad as last week’s, but still annoying. It’s kinda funny I’d have them, given how long I’ve been homeless in the street. Anyway, it is what it is. I think it’ll be the last piece of fiction I’ll write for a while. I have a few ideas for my next book but I don’t know how feasible they are. Chances are I’ll eat my words and go back to fiction if I don’t accumulate enough material for the non-fiction material.


I Published a New Book This Week.

Stranded jpegIt’s called Stranded in Paradise. I’d initially written Stranded about 10-12 years ago in Hollywood. Back then it was a screenplay. When I left Hollywood I converted it to a novella but just let it sit around growing dust on my hard drive. Since I’ve been on a publishing roll lately, I figured I’d dust off Stranded, edit it a bit, and throw it on the internet. Cool. So now I have four books on Amazon.