The Soucouyant – Folklore From Trinidad & Tobago

The next horror story I’m going to write is called “From A Blessing To A Curse.” It’s actually an idea I had for a script many moons ago but I think that, as a short story, it should work. (I did the same thing for “Little Hammer,” a short story whose life began as a film treatment). “Blessing” will be the 2nd story in my upcoming book that is based on Trinidad & Tobago folklore. The first was “Red Sand” and the legend in that one is the “La Diablesse,” a mythical woman in an ankle-length white dress, wide-brimmed hat and one cloven hoof for a foot who seduces and lures men to their dooms in the forest. “Blessing” will have two other T&T legends – the obeah woman and the soucouyant. Obeah is witchery. A soucouyant is an old woman who sheds her skin to reveal the flying fireball within. She can enter your house by sliding through the thinnest of niches to suck your blood. If she doesn’t suck your blood for whatever reason she’ll just cuff (punch) you and leave a bruise. There’s also a malevolent spirit that exists in T&T folklore called a “jumbie.” Maybe I’ll introduce him in a 3rd story. We’ll see.


Somewhere along the way I had to represent my roots. Well, here they are: The flag and coat of arms of the mighty nation of Trinidad & Tobago.

Flag of Trinidad & Tobago

Flag of Trinidad & Tobago


The Coat of Arms of Trinidad & Tobago