Unpublished Stories

Even the published masters like Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, O. Henry, Ray Bradbury and Stephen King had short stories that were overlooked by publishing houses. Not that I’m in the same league as them (ahem!) but I figure I’d still air those that haven’t found a suitable home. The stories I’ll publish here run the gamut from science fiction to horror, fantasy to reality, and everything in between. Also, because I tend to be a visual thinker, all tales will be illustrated by photos I’ve created myself.

The Stories’ Synopses

The Unusual Case of Mary Piñeta – Mary woke up one morning with an unusual pain in her back. When she went to the hospital, her condition went from bad to worse to strangely unusual.


Car 20 – America the melting pot briefly brings together two different souls who, in a way, need each other more than they realize.


Raven’s Hair – A fairy tale set in the times when dragons ruled the air and dungeons were the norm.


The Eye of Tyrion – If you have a thirst for fantasy, this is a good, albeit brief, way to start.


The Schubert Quartet Mankind has known more oppressive violence than any species out there. This is a short reference to it.


The Water In My Jacuzzi Went Cold! – Into each life a little rain must fall. Even tragedy must make way for comedy every once in a while.


The Black Cumin Cure – I’d entered this story in an Australian writing competition in the winter of 2012. They were looking for science fiction stories with elements of horror. I burned the midnight oil coming up with this one. It’s set in a wasteland some 50 or so years in the future after the bombs have fallen and some creatures had their DNA’s forcefully changed by the nuclear fallout.



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